How Addiction Works In The Brain

A program that offered at the drug and alcohol addiction treatment center to treat addiction will be so much better than doing the self-medication at home. This is because addiction is a complicated illness that harms the body, either physically or mentally. There are so many organs inside that will change affected by the substance, especially the brain. The brain will change in its way of communication because the neurons that creating moods and other sensation work differently because of the substance. The electrical impulses created by neurons communicating with each other interfered by the drugs or substances that make the message in your brain lead to one thing that is taking more drugs.

All three central region of your brain that affected by drugs and substances are the brain stem, limbic system, and cerebral cortex. The brain system is the one responsible for the basic motor function like breathing, sleeping, and heart rate while the limbic system control emotional rewards like the pleasure we get from eating or sexual activity or any motivation that we need in daily actions. While higher-level function like processing sensory information, decision making or planning controlled by the cerebral cortex. The worse effect that the brain part experience is the limbic system that depends on the neurotransmitter.

The neurotransmitter that communicates reward and motivation called dopamine. Drugs or alcohol substance increase the release of dopamine creates euphoria and craving for the sensation your body experience after the surge. That is why it will be hard for you to feel pleasure other than taking the substance because the abnormal level of dopamine released only happens because of the drugs. Another neurotransmitter that affected by the substance is serotonin. Your ability to sleep, sensory experiences and feelings of well being is controlled by this neurotransmitter. It is why the knowledge of addiction as a disease affected the brain is crucial to the people suffer from it could get the treatment they need.