Know More About Digital Marketing

The advent of digital technology has significantly changed the way businesses market their products using omnichannel, multi-format, and multi-platform. Digital marketing is actually a good promotional activity for a brand or product using electronic media (digital). Decades ago, digital marketing media was very limited, they use television or radio which can only convey information in one direction.

Today, with the rapid development of digital technology and wide acceptance from almost all walks of life, no doubt, making a digital marketing model is one of the main channels.

Some examples of marketing techniques included in digital marketing:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Online advertising – FB ads, Google Ads, etc.
Promotion of print media
Television & radio ads
Electronic billboard
Email marketing
Mobile marketing
and others

Unlike newspaper advertisements, brochure leaflets and so, marketing strategies using digital media especially online. So it can be measured precisely even in real-time. By using digital media, you can find out how long your product video ad was watched, what percentage of sales conversions from each ad, and of course you can evaluate which ads are good and not. The digital marketing capability of tracking is certainly very helpful for business people in calculating the ROI (return of investment) of a company’s marketing budget. In addition to the ease of evaluation factor, broad geographical reach is also one of the advantages of digital marketing. By utilizing digital media, you can spread the content/brand of your products throughout the world with just a few clicks. For this reason, legacy offline marketing methods have even been abandoned altogether by certain companies.

If we talk about digital marketing, as reviewed in the text above, this spectrum is very broad. Therefore, it is important for a digital marketer to know the techniques and resources needed by a company so that digital marketing can run well. One important element in digital marketing is assets, identity what digital assets you have, and start to focus on just a few assets