The Importance Of Trimming A Tree

There are reasons why plants should be trimmed with the pole saw. First, the plants will tend to continue growing, both growing up and growing sideways. The growth that is not directed at some types of fruit plants, will produce canopy plants that generally grow to extend upward, with a single stem or branch. Strong apical dominance (tip shoots) at the tip of the plant, spur the plant to continue growing upward, and one way to break the apical dominance is by pruning, which will stimulate the growth of side shoots or lateral shoots. Thus, the shape of the plant as a manifestation of plant growth becomes more ideal and balanced. However, height could be the biggest problem in trimming a tree so that is why you need to use the best pole saw available. You could click here for more information about the best pole saw to help you work more efficiently.

Another importance of trimming is overall plant health is also greatly influenced by the shape of the plant. Many branches and twigs grow irregularly and cross in the middle of the plant with leaves that are generally not exposed to direct sunlight. Leaves that are not exposed to direct sunlight are more parasitic to the plant as a whole because they do not carry out the process of photosynthesis but still get photosynthesis results from leaves in the outer part that are exposed to direct sunlight. That is why, many plants that overall grow thickly, lush leaves with dark green leaf color, but very rarely grow flowers or fruit.

Use a clean and sharp pruning tool like a pole saw so that the tree is neatly formed, not leaving scars that might be a source of disease infection for plants. Avoid the use of machetes to prune, it’s better to use pruning shears for small branches, while the use of pole saws is better to cut branches or branches of large plant with a certain height because this tool will make you work easier.